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Bugs Us All (Entasis Press, 2016)


What independent reviewers say:

“These short poems, most of them limericks, often turn on perfect groaner puns while the illustrations offer sly additional commentary. While some of the themes are adult-ish (if you’re a very protective parent, preread it) this is a book in which the bright child very well may get the joke before the adult, so sharing it would be lots of fun.” — Barbara Egel in her Book Reviews for the Summer/Fall 2016 Issue of Light Poetry Magazine.

“The poems are meant for us big readers, with irony and sometimes black humor. Nobody has anything against ladybugs but here’s a poem: “Did some wanderlust lead you to your quest? / All alone, you’re our lucky houseguest, / but if we spot others/ (say a few hundred brothers), /we’ll annihilate you and your nest.” You get the idea. These are menacing tough-love sonnets; and sometimes a list of one-liners like a poem on head lice called “At The School,” starting with “…head lice are browsy…” ending…” one kid sits/in the health room. Are his parents lousy?” It’s silliness with a punch. The drawings are fabulous, adding a dimension to the slight poems which range from 5 to 14 lines, max, so you see the winning strategy is to write a piece and have it demonstrated a different way, visually — together making a smart little book.” Grace Cavalieri’s “October Poetry Exemplars” in The Washington Independent Review of Books

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The Cards We’ve Drawn (Bright Hill Press, 2014)


What independent reviewers say:

“These are some of the best sonnets you’ll ever read. Honestly.” — Grace Cavalieri in her column Poetry Exemplars in The Washington Independent Review of Books, December 2014

“These are poems that can really tug on your heartstrings, even more so for the tarot enthusiast who can truly appreciate the depth of Slaby’s lines. […] The Cards We’ve Drawn won Bright Hill Press’s poetry chapbook competition and I’m not surprised. Tarot enthusiasts are going to really appreciate this collection of poems.” — Benebell Wen, independent metaphysician and author of Holistic Tarot and the Tao of Tarot published by North Atlantic Books, on her blog, found here.

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