Wagging news doggerel

Some apartments in Stanley, Hong Kong near where I live.

As I write this, Hong Kong’s government is putting into place new systems to deal with the surge in Omicron by limiting public movement, sending people to isolation facilities, and keeping students and teachers on home learning (that is, if you’re at international schools, but if you’re at any other kind of school in Hong Kong, summer break has shifted to March/April). Store shelves are emptying and expats are leaving Hong Kong. Meanwhile, a war wages in Ukraine, the land of some of my ancestors. The world seems to be in chaos.

Despite the doom-and-gloom-scrolling I do from my Hong Kong apartment, I’ve found solace recently in writing more light verse in response to the news. Reading, writing, and publishing light verse in response to current events has kept my spirits buoyed — knowing that my words are in the company of other wonderful writers of light verse who are staring into the face of tragedy, loss, suffering, and war and responding with humor and wit offers a strange kind of comfort.

It is easy to watch the news and despair. However, we all do what we can and give the world what we can. At this moment, what I can offer is not something weighty, but something light and witty. Basically, writing in response to the news has both helped me return to the comfort of the writing desk and kept me going.

So please take a read of these two poems in response to the news, and let me know what you think by filling out the poll afterwards. I’d love to know your thoughts. ALSO: click on the images below to be taken to the website for Light Poetry Magazine, the journal that’s been publishing their Poems of the Week where these first appeared!

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